A large part of being a photographer these days is spent editing photographs using the latest software and as such, it is not uncommon for a photographer to have highly practiced graphic design skills. The high end product photography that Matthew Brown specializes in means he often spends more time working on a photograph than taking it and he is now making these tools available to clients. He can adjust lighting and clarity, add sharpness, take people and objects out of their background and apply new backgrounds, adjust facial features, smooth skin blemishes and remove dust and dirt. These processes are applied to many professional grade photographs anyway and sometimes it may be the case that a photograph already exists for your particular need and cannot be taken again or it isn't deemed necessary, but is in need of some of these treatments in order to be used. Matt has also been known to take film prints or negatives, have them scanned and then digitally altered for the clients needs. He is here to help and if you have a photograph that needs some work, please don't hesitate to make contact. All digital manipulation is charged at £40 per hour.




Above: Taken at The Friary shopping centre in Guildford during some pop up fashion shows. Here the image was made brighter and the tone altered. The model's face was slimmed down, lips made fuller and the skin was cleared of blemishes. Note; the changes made to this picture are dramatic and much more severe than would usually be employed. In this instance she is part of a dance troupe in mid performance and the editing has been used to remove the stress of dancing for a crowd and bring her face closer to its natural resting state.

Above left: A pair of A.A.Brown & Sons guns. The original photograph was taken to allow for accurate placing for the parts of the final image, which is made up of six photographs of the individual objects. It highlights the advantages of good lighting. Above right: Taken at a Fishing for Heroes event the image has been made brighter and some slimming and smoothing has taken place on the face as well as some increased saturation on the eyes and lips.

Above: The original of this photograph was taken on film and so we scanned it from the 8x10 print for the W.W.Greener website. The gun needed to be included on the website along with many others, but these pictures are now only available as prints and the guns cannot be re-photographed. Here Matt was able to improve the clarity and put the gun on the now standard green background used for all the modern Greener pictures that he takes, thus making it possible to be used on the website. This technique can be used to change the background of almost any image and can prove to be very useful.

Above left: This picture was to be used on the front of a book, but a few changes were made to make it special. The background was turned sepia and the number plate was altered to a significant name and date. Above right: This Boss & Co pair were removed from their white background in order to be placed on a slate surface. An image of slate was used and had its perspective changed to lie it down slightly. The guns had three shadows applied to look as though they were sitting on the slate, when they had actually been photographed upright in a white photographic tent. Most photographs of guns by Matthew Brown Photography are photographed on white and then have their backgrounds inserted later in order to guarantee perfect lighting and sharpness on the guns themselves. It also means the background can be changed according to the specific need.

Above: This snap in the park was altered for a more dramatic look. It was turned to black and white with the midtones reduced and the highlights pushed up. The line of the legs was adjusted slightly. These kind of changes are frequent to turn everyday snaps into more striking images and are quick and easy to accomplish.

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