Firearms Photography

The studio at Matthew Brown Photography has been predominantly designed and built to deal with the huge technical challenges of photographing guns and firearms. The control of lighting as well as Matt's expertise produces the finest gun photography you are likely to see and can be found on the covers and pages of books and magazines the world over.

Being based out of the factory of A.A.Brown & Sons has not only given Matt the access to hundreds of guns needed to develop his technique, but provides a secure premises covered by an RFD. Whatever kind of photographs you are after of your firearms, you can be sure they will be of the highest quality and with Matt the son of a gunmaker, you can be sure they will be handled with complete care, as he has been around them for his entire life.

'The difficulties in photographing sporting guns are endless; locks, stock and barrels all involve different techniques. Matt Brown has overcome ALL the problems. He is the world’s greatest gun photographer.' Doug Tate, Editor at Large at Shooting Sportsman Magazine.

Please take a look at LOSGI.COM for a library of Matt's images.