It is becoming more and more common for clients to want accompanying videos and films to the still photography supplied by photographers. To add another marketable dimension to their product or event is essential these days, but with the high costs of specialist videographers and the video capabilities of the latest digital cameras, it is becoming quite usual for a photographer to be asked to supply some video as well as stills. Alongside Matt's cameras for still images, he has a professional Panasonic 4K video camera, a video production setup in his studio and a full sound production suite that allows original music to be created as well as voice recordings in a space with the proper acoustic treatment.

It has also become quite common for companies to want videos of their products to accompany the photographs and in order to facilitate this, Matt has invested in the Nikon Z mirrorless system as his studio camera and uses the latest Z8 body, having received one of the first models delivered. This camera not only takes stunning stills with its extremely sharp lenses, but it also allows for up to 8K RAW video to be captured for the very highest quality technical videos available today.

In combining video and stills, it is possible to leave the video camera running to cover all of an event and edit it later to show what you would like, while at the same time getting still images of the same event. If you are looking to use Matt to cover an event or photograph a product and don't want the added expense of hiring a videographer as well, he will be able to film for you as well for only the cost of the added time of editing the footage. Have a look at some films already produced for customers and make contact if you're interested in any of the services offered.

Never Going Back Again (filmed and recorded in the studio)

James Purdey & Sons Over & Under Shotgun

YST Inspirational Inclusive Leader Award winner
Eden Hays

YST Greatest Turnaround Through Sport Award winners
Arman Tandon and Lucas Banks

LAP Electrical CV118 Promotional Video

W.W.Greener Sidelock

Lark Class Winter Championships

Barnt Green Sailing Club Wednesday Evening Racing

The Brown Beretta Promotional Video

Barnt Green Sailing Club Wednesday Evening Racing

Gumbley's Music School Promotional Video

Katie & Joe Osborne Wedding Video

LAP Electrical TITAN Lightbar Promotional Video

Live performance by Matt as his alter-ego Elison

A.A.Brown & Sons Supreme de Luxe Promotional Video

UK Fleetwood Mac on location performance

LAP Electrical Marker & Hazard Lights Promotional Video

Boss & Co studio film

W.W.Greener studio film

W.W.Greener studio film

A.A.Brown & Sons studio film

Association of Charitable Foundations conference 2019