Wedding Photography

Up until very recently I was not a wedding photographer. In fact, even now I am not a traditional wedding photographer and I always let people know that from the start. The usual posed photographs that can be expected at weddings does not suit my character or style of photography, but despite my claims that I could never shoot a wedding, I now have and it worked very well. It turns out some of the skills that studio and event photography have gifted me can be applied to a wedding as long the action is captured in a reportage style. That is to say, I do not have any effect on proceedings and merely document events that would unfold anyway. This is a style of wedding photography that is gaining in popularity as people are growing tired of the same old staged photographs. I spend the time making sure to capture the interesting moments of the day, to try and tell the story as it was and give an honest visual version of the memories of how the wedding went.

During the day I will be milling about grabbing snaps wherever I can and I will cover any and all parts of the action. I am happy to take any impromptu group shots as you desire during proceedings as long as everyone is acting naturally and having a laugh. I promise, you will prefer them that way! Please have a look at some examples below and do contact me if you're interested. I am also happy to take on the role as a second photographer taking more candid pictures with another photographer taking the more carefully staged photographs. I can also operate as a videographer, but not at the same time as taking stills.

However, if you are absolutely sure you will not prefer them that way, as my now wife was, can I suggest the photographer we used for our wedding who works in a more traditional way, but with a style all of her own. You can find her here.